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HIGHLANDER FOOTBALL is about bettering student-athletes through football experiences to make them better students, football players, and most importantly people who can find success in life after their time at Floyd Central High School.



Floyd Central Football is based on three principles: being prepared, working hard, and being accountable.  These are what we will emphasize every day to our student-athletes.  On the field, the program will be respected for our toughness and disciplined play.  Off the field, the program will be respected for our work in the classroom and the community.  We will be a program that makes the school and community proud.  When describing the image of HIGHLANDER FOOTBALL, these words are what we want people to think of the HIGHLANDER FOOTBALL are the following: 

First Class Program

Plays Hard




Players graduate and are academically eligible to attend college

Teach players morals and values to live by after high school 

Perform to the maximum of our potential in each practice and game

Create the distinctiveness as one of the hardest-working programs 

Win a Hoosier Hills Conference Championship

Have post-season success with the goal of winning a State Championship

Create an identity that promotes school and community spirit



Next Football Booster Club will be on July 9th, 7pm @ Bearnos Highlander Pointe.

Reminder to Student-athletes:

If your student-athlete plans on continuing their athletic career at the colleague level, you need to schedule a sit-down meeting with Mr. Clark, the athletic counselor at Floyd Central after your student-athletes freshman year. Mr. Clark will check your eligibility status. Mr. Clark checks and follows up yearly with your student-athlete to ensure they are taking the correct classes that align with the NCAA and NANI-eligible rules.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Clark.

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